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How to dump a UMD

Dumping a PlayStation Portable UniversalMediaDisc does not have a 100% perfect solution still. Many people argue over the best method even today. The problem is that discs with GAME & Video partitions for example will be incomplete and can only be hacked together. The first sign of a bad dump will be empty files inside the ISO.

The following method is the easiest and will work just fine for most UMDs out there:

1) Install/update to one of the latest 6.60/6.61 Custom Firmwares.

2) Press the SELECT button and set the USB Device to 'UMD Disc'

3) Now connect your PSP to a PC and enable the USB Mode in the Settings category

4) Copy the .ISO which will always be called UMD9660 to the PC

Optional) Use this small W.I.P. tool to automatically adjust the ISO via drag & drop


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