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There are '1725' unique UMDs in this database!

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Currently we gather all the information needed via a custom python script tailored to our needs. By dragging & dropping an .ISO file it will automatically generate a .json file which we can then use to add information to the database. You can either use the pre-build Windows executable or the python script file directly if you like. In case you haven't created a backup of your disc at this point please take a look at our dumping guide before.

Step 1: Download Submission Script

via GitHub

Step 2: Drag & drop ISO

The generated .JSON file contains hashes, fileinfo, metadata etc..

Submission form

By submitting you agree to have all information publicly available for visitors of this website to see. If you add a Name in the form above it will be credited on the page. A picture of the UMD/Disc itself is enough for making an entry and the only mandatory information needed! You can also leave us a comment if you like which will not be added. Thank you for contributing!!

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